Seymen Energy Generation Facility Phase 1 was commissioned.

Silivri Seymen Energy Production Facility established by IBB started production.

Silivri Seymen Energy Production Facility, whose construction was completed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was opened on 20 October 2020.

Opened with an installed power of 17 MW, the facility will be able to increase its capacity and installed power over time. The facility will generate energy from the garbage in the Silivri Seymen Solid Waste Disposal and Regular Storage Facility, where approximately 12,000 tons of domestic waste is stored per day.

The facility, which was established with an investment cost of 50 million TL, has a closed area of 2.509 m2. The facility is planned to generate 11,256 MWh of electricity per year for 15 years.

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