Air Conditioning And Air Conditioning Installation

It is necessary to reduce the temperature and adjust the humidity by conditioning the air to ensure comfort conditions, especially in the summer months.

The machines that make this adjustment are called air conditioners. Air conditioners operate on the basis of vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

klima ve iklimlendirme

Components of the ideal refrigeration cycle;



3-Expansion Valve


Basically, the cycle consists of 4 process changes.

1-2: The refrigerant enters the compressor as saturated steam. Isentropic compression is applied to the refrigerant with the help of a compressor. This compression brings the temperature of the fluid to a value higher than the ambient temperature.

2-3: The refrigerant in the form of superheated steam with increased temperature enters the heat exchanger called the condenser, transfers its heat to the environment and condenses.

3-4: The condensed refrigerant is in the form of semi-liquid and semi-gas. The pressure of the fluid passing through the expansion valve is reduced and it turns into a saturated liquid phase.

4-1: The refrigerant, whose pressure is low and in a saturated liquid phase, enters the heat exchanger called the evaporator and takes heat and enters the vapor phase. The refrigerant that has passed into the vapor phase enters the compressor again and completes its cycle.

It is possible to divide air conditioning systems primarily into central and individual.

Central air conditioning systems:

-Ciller + fan-coil system

-VRV system

Individual air conditioning systems

-Split air conditioners

-Wall mounted mono split air conditioners

-Wall mounted multi split air conditioners

Hall type split air conditioners

-Cassette type air conditioners

-Hidden ceiling type air conditioners

-Floor type air conditioners

-Portable air conditioners

-Window type air conditioners

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