Heating Installation

Thermodynamic and mechanical values ​​such as humidity, temperature, air flow direction, flow velocity of the environment where people can be in without discomfort are called thermal comfort. Thermal comfort is provided by conditioning the environment to be 22 degrees in winter and 26 degrees in summer with an average relative humidity of 40% – 60%. Heating systems are used to provide ambient temperature conditioning in order to ensure that heating systems are designed. The heat flow of the building to the environment per unit time is calculated for the indoor comfort conditions, which is called heat loss. The most suitable heating system type is determined considering the installation and operating costs and it is sized and applied according to the geometric conditions of the building.

Points to be considered while designing the heating system;

– Considering the geographical and economic characteristics of the building, a suitable system should be selected in terms of installation and operational efficiency.

-System layout should be made considering the architectural and static features of the building.

– The heat losses of the building should be calculated correctly and the capacity that can meet the heat loss should be selected.

– Thermal, mechanical and electrical efficiencies should be taken into consideration in the selection of elements that will work continuously such as hot water boiler and pump.

As Akterm Mekanik, we provide services to our customers in sizing, application, operation and maintenance of heating installations.

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