Compressed Air Installation

Compressed air is a storable energy type that is mostly used in the production sector and in the service sector, although it is not common, when the use of electrical energy is not suitable or dangerous.

Air compressors are at the heart of compressed air systems. The air taken into the compressor at ambient pressure is brought to the desired pressure by reducing volumetrically or by accelerating on a molecule basis. Compressors are grouped under two headings, positive displacement and dynamic compressors, according to their compressed air generation mechanism.

Auxiliary equipment is used for purposes such as improving, storing, transporting the compressed air obtained from the compressor according to the end use purpose, and regulating the flow and pressure according to the compressed air demand. Generally, filters, separators, dryers, pressure / flow controllers, compressed air tanks, condensate drains and compressed air distribution installation are among the auxiliary equipment.

Generally, a compressed air system can be expressed as in the figure.

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