Since 2012, we are a company that has been providing services in the design and application of mechanical installations of industrial facilities, power plants, factories, residences, villas, dormitories, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and shops within the framework of national and international standards.

As Akterm, we have experienced engineers, technicians and master staff who deliver even projects with high difficulty and design deficiencies before the foreseen delivery date.

We Draw New Horizons for the Sector

Our Vision
Our Mission

To be the leading company in the sector by getting strength from the quality of the services we offer to our country. Defining the service quality and capacity as a target day by day. To live and live by creating an integrated identity integrated with entrepreneurs, managers, employees, customers and social stakeholders.

Taking a pioneering role in the mechanical sector and drawing new horizons. ”Our goals to achieve this mission are: To be able to compete with the world (service, product quality) and to achieve standardization within the framework of profitability, efficiency and effectiveness, to continue continuous improvement activities for effective and efficient resource management, To determine and implement marketing strategies and policies compatible with the production infrastructure.

Our Values
Our Values


Considering all predictable situations, we create applicable designs based on scientific standards and principles, and even if there are project-related deficiencies at the time of implementation, we implement the projects by using quality materials and workmanship in continuous control by redoing the relevant design if necessary.

Time Delivery

Under the leadership of our management team who is aware of the fact that time is the most important resource, we deliver our work ahead of time by planning the logistics and resource management without sacrificing quality and project.

Professional Team

We bring solutions to all kinds of engineering problems with our engineers, technicians and master staff who are educated in their fields, constantly updating themselves, professional, experienced, ethical, aware that collective work is ahead of the individual.

Reliable Service

We keep our promises to our customers and suppliers and provide control at every stage of the business without sacrificing quality.