Mechanical productions such as the supply, storage, heating, softening, pressurization, distribution of clean water required for human life in the building, discharge of waste water, purification, rain water discharge are called sanitary installations.

Pure clean water and sewage systems have become the most important means of preventing infectious diseases, adding 15-20 years to the average life span of modern humans.

As Akterm Mekanik, we take into account the following points in sanitary installation design and application, which are of vital importance for human health and comfort.

– It should provide safe clean water to the residents and prevent any contaminants from entering this water.
– A suitable system should be established in terms of the number of devices, the amount of water supplied and pressure, and water should be stored when necessary.
– It should be ensured that the waste water drainage system is protected from clogging and contamination, solid matter accumulation with an appropriate maintenance and maintenance points should be designed in the installation.
– Suitable piping and equipment materials should be selected for an acceptable installation life.
– Proper separation, insulation and ventilation should be provided in clean water and waste water systems.
– In order to minimize the energy consumption, a pump with high efficiency and suitable for the installation design values ​​should be selected.