Steam Systems

Steam is a heat transfer fluid with very good properties and is widely used in industry and power generation today as in the past. Steam installation is very complex compared to hot water, hot water or thermal oils. It requires knowledge and care in construction and operation.

Steam is a widely used fluid for various purposes.

Main uses of steam


2- Heating,

3- It is electricity generation in thermal power plants.

The emphasis will be on the use of steam in industry. The use of steam for heating purposes only is now abandoned. However, in special cases, steam is used for heating. The most important of these reasons is that there is a large level difference in the area where the heating is performed. Due to the high static pressure on the boiler, hot or superheated water cannot be used in these cases or it becomes uneconomical.

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Steam Systems Preferred Reasons

  • It is possible to reach high fluid temperatures.
  • Temperature is constant in heat transfer surfaces. Heat withdrawal from steam usually takes place by condensation of saturated steam. Since this process takes place at a constant temperature, the temperature of the steam side is constant throughout the entire heating surface.
  • It is possible to perform temperature control very precisely. This constant condensation temperature depends on the pressure of the steam. It is possible to control the process temperature very precisely through pressure control.
  • It is possible to transport a large amount of heat energy with a small mass.
  • Steam is a hygienic, completely pure substance. Therefore, it is an indispensable disinfection and process element especially in the food industry. The food industry without steam is unthinkable.

Steam is widely used in the food, chemical, petrochemical, textile industries for the reasons above.

Business planning & Strategy

  • There is a high risk of corrosion in the steam installation.
  • Establishment and operation of the condensate line is difficult and expensive.
  • Steam distribution lines should have a certain slope and no condensate should accumulate in them.

As Akterm Mekanik, we offer the projecting and installation solutions of the following subsystems in steam systems.

1. Steam boiler system

2.Fuel circuit system

3.Water feeding system

4. Steam circuit in the boiler room

5.Steam usage circuit

6. Condensate circuit

7.Heat economy related devices and circuits

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