Quality Management


As Akterm Mechanical Company and for each employee individually, the first priority is to serve with the highest service standards and to provide unconditional customer satisfaction. Perfection is not a choice but a necessity of our business and reaching this goal from the first day of our company has been our main goal. We undertake that every area in which we operate is free from the following principles:

· To fulfill our leading role in quality;

· Each finished product has the highest quality by providing design, material, workmanship and service quality reaching the level;

· To provide a harmonious team work by fulfilling the quality requirements in intra-group communication;

· By emphasizing quality in the in-house training,making it suitable;

· Reaching quality targets by fully fulfilling personal obligations;

· To carry out activities to ensure the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;

· Fully fulfill the legal requirements, legislation and the terms of the Employer's contract.


Akterm Mechanical aims to protect the natural environment in case of the highest level of production activity. In this context, each action area is obliged to do the following about the environment we borrow from the next generation:

· Prevent air, water and soil pollution in the concept of continuous development;

· Regulatory legislation, administrative regulations and obey the rules;

· Design activities to minimize the environmental impact of the project implementation phase

It will take place;

· If conditions do not intervene, there can be significant adverse effects not participating in production activities;

· The use of environmentally friendly inputs in our activities on the basis of engineering principles;  Exchange of mutual environmental experiences with public, private and non-governmental organizations like a rub;

· Indirect natural resources use production activities in the most effective way, and in this context, Showing dedication to saving and saving;

· For all employees, suppliers and subcontractors teaching and teaching.


Akterm Mechanical is one of the main aims of protecting employees' work health and safety without exception while constantly improving their work environment while carrying out production activities at the highest quality level. In this context, we undertake the provision and maintenance of:

· Preventing risks of occupational health and safety by taking precautionary measures;

· To provide continuous improvement in OHS issues;

· The legislative, administrative and institutional arrangements related to the OSH in force obey the rules;

· The responsibility of the individual OSH responsibilities of both the direct company staff and the subcontracted employees giving trainings to ensure they are not aware;

· Periodically review the OSH Policy to ensure compliance with the requirements;

· Mutual sharing of OHS experiences with public, private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations.


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