About Us

AKTERM Machinery Project Contracting Construction and Industry Trade Ltd. Sti.
Especially, the Energy Production Facilities are located in the areas of Mechanical Installation, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation and Ventilation Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Factory, Shopping Centers, High Builders, Hospitals, Business Centers, Airports, Metro Stations, As private and private place for many facilities. Ventilation, Air conditioning, Fire fighting, Plumbing, Air conditioning, Biogas and Natural Gas.

AKTERM Mechanical is a customer-focused company that keeps customer satisfaction in front of the customer by giving uninterrupted and uninterrupted maintenance and technical service after the final delivery to give quality and assurance in all applications and commitments in domestic and abroad.

AKTERM will continue to offer permanent solutions to "Architecture and Engineering" by presenting its mechanical, architectural and engineering services as a project group that is beyond the age of the most complex problems today and tomorrow, just as it was in the past.

AKTERM will continue to be the main principle based on mechanical, engineering, quality, efficiency, reliability, contemporary knowledge and technology.

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