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Cogeneration is simply the production of energy in the same system in both electric and heat forms. This union creates more economic consequences than the two energy forms are produced separately in their own right. It can convert about 30-40% of the energy used in a simple cycle, ie a gas turbine that only produces electricity, or the engine uses electricity. If this system is used in the form of cogeneration, a large part of the heat energy to be discharged from the system can be converted to usable energy so that the total energy input can be evaluated between 70-90%. This technique is called "combined heat-power systems" or simply "cogeneration".


Many natural and legal persons from hospitals, factories, business centers, residences all over the world are switching to cogeneration and trigeneration systems for important reasons. These reasons can be listed as follows:

High Energy Saving: Heat generated when electricity is generated is used in cogeneration systems and reused in heating, cooling or mechanical energy. Efficiency and Saving in Cogeneration


Cleaner Energy Generation: The primary fuel for cogeneration systems is natural gas. According to other fuels that can be used, the amount of CO2 emission varies. In addition to electricity with the same amount of fuel, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted is reduced by half compared to conventional systems, as heat energy is also obtained. It is a system compatible with the Kyoto protocol.

Fuel Variety: It is possible to use other fossil fuels as well as bio fuels and wastes, other than natural gas, which is the primary fuel of the system.

Production According to the Consumption Need: The facility in which the cogeneration system is established can only produce enough production to meet its needs, and also can sell more production.

Uninterrupted Power Generation: The problems encountered in traditional power generation and distribution are not seen in installations with integrated cogeneration systems. Cogeneration always provides constant voltage, constant frequency. Thus, factory productions do not fail.

High Efficiency Production: Produces more energy with less fuel

High Accessibility and Flexibility: Electric power can be generated from the heat generated by steam turbines (or used as mechanical energy) in installations where heating is not required, or during periods when seasonal changes do not require a certain period of heating.

Short-Term Amortization of Investment: Cogeneration, wherever it is built, is amortized in a very short period of time relative to other investments (especially since it is about "energy", a vital subject), as it is a highly efficient and high-saving process. This period varies from 1.5 years to 4 years.

Failure to Deploy Distribution of Generated Energy: As energy is already being produced in the laboratory, there is no loss in distribution and transmission, and additional costs for distribution and transmission cease to exist.

Short Installation Time: The installation time of the system is limited to only a few days.

Maintenance Time and Convenience: The maintenance period of the cogeneration systems is only 1 week in 1 year

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